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Create a Livable Outdoor Space by Adding a Deck

Outdoor livable space is a popular trend. You can set up an outdoor seating area, outdoor kitchen or outdoor dining space. This allows you to entertain guests outside or host a larger party than what your home can hold. This trend inspired my wife and I to build our own outdoor livable space. However, one of the biggest decisions we faced was what the base for our space would be. We could use concrete, lay pavers or construct a deck. After doing a lot of research, we decided on a deck. It was a challenging decision, but we are pleased with the outcome. In fact, we are so happy we decided to start this blog and help educate other people on decks and livable spaces. Learn the benefits, learn the downside, learn how to care for your and learn what kinds of wood are best for an outdoor deck.


Create a Livable Outdoor Space by Adding a Deck

Troubleshooting Tips For Your Washer: 5 Things To Do Before Calling A Pro

by Kelly Simmons

Your washing machine may not be used every single day, but it is something important that you use at least on a weekly basis. When your washing machine is not functioning as it should, here are a few things to do to see if you can pinpoint the issue before you give a professional a phone call:

1. Check the Electrical Power.

While you probably didn't unplug the washer on purpose, it could have happened. You could have forgotten to plug it back in after you finished sweeping and mopping underneath and behind the washer. Someone else may have unplugged it when they needed to get something that they dropped behind the machine. One of the kids could have unplugged it for fun.

If it is plugged in and secure, then you need to check the circuit breaker. Make sure that a fuse hasn't blown or the breaker wasn't tripped for some reason. If you still have no power and those things are all good, try plugging the washing machine into a different plug. If that worked, then you need to call an electrician to look at your plug for problems, not an appliance repair specialist.

2. Inspect the Water Supply Valves.

If the tub isn't filling up when you turn your washing machine on, then there may be a problem with the pump. However, you first want to check the water supply valves and make sure that they're still open. These are usually found behind the washing machine inside a box. If they are open, then you need the help of a professional to inspect the pump and see if it needs repair or replacement.

3. Try to Unplug It.

If your washer was in mid-cycle and it stopped working, then you may want to unplug it and plug it back it. It's a popular trick with many appliances, as it forces a hard reset of the electronic circuits, and it may work with the washing machine. Don't forget to also make sure the lid is down (you could have gotten busy and forgot to close it by accident).

4. Inspect the Water Supply Hoses.

If you're dealing with a water leak around the washing machine, it's probably the hoses and not an internal component. There are usually three hoses per washing machine: one hot water intake hose, one cold water intake hose and one drain hose. Inspect all three of them. Look for any signs of damage, including cracking or areas that are dried out, as well as any bends or kinks that could be preventing adequate water flow. You should also check the connections to ensure that they aren't loose, as this could have happened on cleaning day when you pulled the washer out.

5. Try a Smaller Clothes Load.

Sometimes when you have a lot of laundry, you fill the machine up to the very brim and pack those clothes in there. You want to get them done as quickly as possible so the laundry can be done. Unfortunately, when you do this, you could be throwing off the load and balance of the machine. This can cause vibration and loud noises. Try a smaller load next time and see if that fixes the problem. If not, you'll need to check the floor to make sure it isn't uneven.

When all is said and done, if you can't figure out the problem, call an expert like those at 5 Corners Appliance Company. Your troubleshooting steps will help the professional get down to the real problem much quicker – and they'll be thankful that you saved some of their time.