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Create a Livable Outdoor Space by Adding a Deck

Outdoor livable space is a popular trend. You can set up an outdoor seating area, outdoor kitchen or outdoor dining space. This allows you to entertain guests outside or host a larger party than what your home can hold. This trend inspired my wife and I to build our own outdoor livable space. However, one of the biggest decisions we faced was what the base for our space would be. We could use concrete, lay pavers or construct a deck. After doing a lot of research, we decided on a deck. It was a challenging decision, but we are pleased with the outcome. In fact, we are so happy we decided to start this blog and help educate other people on decks and livable spaces. Learn the benefits, learn the downside, learn how to care for your and learn what kinds of wood are best for an outdoor deck.


Create a Livable Outdoor Space by Adding a Deck

Sorting Through Your Parent's Belongings

by Kelly Simmons

If you have an elderly parent who has decided to go into a nursing home due to difficulty getting around their home, you will want to do whatever necessary to go through their belongings before they make their move so they can help decide what they will be bringing with them. It is very difficult to go through items that have been in the home for several years, but with some assistance your parent will be able to make final decisions on what stays and what goes. Here are some tips to help you weed through your parents belongings so each item ends up in a proper place.

Label Each Item

Give your parent a few packages of stickers to use to label each piece of furniture in the home. Since furniture is not going to be needed in a nursing home facility, these items can be donated, given to other relatives or friends, sold, or junked. Have your parent decide which pieces they would like to see stay in the family and label a sticker with the name of the person they want to have the item. Place items that can be sold or donated into a storage unit until after your parent is safely staying in their new home. Items that you feel have no value can be picked up by a junk removal service. 

Designate Time Each Day

After furniture has been sorted through, your parents smaller items will need to be organized in the same manner. Set aside boxes to place these items inside rather than using stickers to label each individual piece. Tell your parent to take an hour or two each day for sorting so they do not become overwhelmed with doing too much in one day. Setting aside a specific time for sorting will help your parent avoid procrastinating. Be there to help them during the process if possible.

Label a few boxes to place belongings in that will go with them to the nursing home. For the rest of the items, label with the name of the person who your parent wants to take the items. If they are unsure, you will be able to make the determination on your own after they are in the nursing home.

Finish Up On Your Own

After your parent is situated in their new home, you will be able to go through the remainder of the items they did not designate to another person to take. Box up items to bring to donation facilities. Hold an estate sale to make cash for the rest of the belongings and give the profit to your parent to sock away for special occasions. Call a junk removal service like Ground Effects Hauling Inc to take away the remaining items so you can sell or rent the home or get back a security deposit if it was being rented by your parent.