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Create a Livable Outdoor Space by Adding a Deck

Outdoor livable space is a popular trend. You can set up an outdoor seating area, outdoor kitchen or outdoor dining space. This allows you to entertain guests outside or host a larger party than what your home can hold. This trend inspired my wife and I to build our own outdoor livable space. However, one of the biggest decisions we faced was what the base for our space would be. We could use concrete, lay pavers or construct a deck. After doing a lot of research, we decided on a deck. It was a challenging decision, but we are pleased with the outcome. In fact, we are so happy we decided to start this blog and help educate other people on decks and livable spaces. Learn the benefits, learn the downside, learn how to care for your and learn what kinds of wood are best for an outdoor deck.


Create a Livable Outdoor Space by Adding a Deck

Have An Asphalt Parking Lot? Why It Is Vital That It Is Repaired By Professionals

by Kelly Simmons

When you own a business, you will find that you are going to have to put some time into making sure that your asphalt parking lot is repaired by professionals as soon as it is needed. To help you understand why this is something that cannot wait, you will want to review the following points.

You Don't Have To Worry As Much About People Falling

Not only do you simply not want people to hurt themselves, but you need to be careful that you are not going to end up being sued in court because someone became drastically injured while simply trying to walk across your parking lot. Even if you have business insurance, you could find that you are still going to be out a lot of money. Also, your reputation as a company will be dramatically impacted in a negative way.

You Will Have An Increased Curl Appeal To Potential Customers

In order to attract as many new customers as possible, you will need to be able to entice them into your business by making the exterior of your property as appealing as possible. This means having great lighting, bright detailed signs, wide inviting doors, and a clean and safe looking parking lot. Customers don't want to park their vehicles where they might they might get a flat tire because of the condition of the asphalt. They want a big, clean, smooth, and freshly poured-looking parking lot.

You Won't Have To Worry About Increase Insurance Premiums

Even if the situation does not cause you to have to go to court, if your parking lot is the reason someone was injured, even if it is just a cut on the knee, you could find that you have to file a claim with your insurance company. This is because you would be responsible for the medical bill if the individual went to the hospital or doctor's after their fall. If you file one too many claims, your insurance company may decide that you are a high-risk customer and raise your insurance premiums. This way, they will get more money from you since they have to pay out so much on your behalf.

As you can see, it is important to make sure that you are getting in touch with a skilled and experienced asphalt paving contractor as soon as you see that there is something going wrong with your parking lot. Visit a site like http://www.lakeridgepaving.com for more help.