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Create a Livable Outdoor Space by Adding a Deck

Outdoor livable space is a popular trend. You can set up an outdoor seating area, outdoor kitchen or outdoor dining space. This allows you to entertain guests outside or host a larger party than what your home can hold. This trend inspired my wife and I to build our own outdoor livable space. However, one of the biggest decisions we faced was what the base for our space would be. We could use concrete, lay pavers or construct a deck. After doing a lot of research, we decided on a deck. It was a challenging decision, but we are pleased with the outcome. In fact, we are so happy we decided to start this blog and help educate other people on decks and livable spaces. Learn the benefits, learn the downside, learn how to care for your and learn what kinds of wood are best for an outdoor deck.


Create a Livable Outdoor Space by Adding a Deck

Types Of Work Zone Equipment You May Need To Rent For Your Upcoming Roadside Project

by Kelly Simmons

If you are going to be tackling a roadside project sometime soon, then you will need to make sure that you have all of the right equipment on hand for the job. In some cases, it can make sense to rent work zone equipment, especially if you need more or different equipment from what you normally need, if your company is just starting out, or if you don't take on these types of projects very often. Depending on where you will be working and what the details of your project are, you may want to rent the following types of work zone equipment if you're going to be working on the side of the road sometime soon.

Traffic Cones and Barrels

First of all, as you can probably imagine, traffic cones and barrels are both essential when you are working on the side of the road. Bright orange or other brightly colored cones and barrels immediately grab the attention of drivers so that they know to look out for you and your crew. Additionally, these cones and barrels can be used for diverting traffic and encouraging drivers to stay out of your work area so that you and your crew can work safely and without interruptions. Although traffic cones aren't really expensive, they can add up in cost if you have to buy a lot of them. If you need a lot of traffic cones or barrels, renting them might be a good idea so that you don't have to buy them all out of pocket.

Road Signs

You can also rent road signs from a company that rents work zone equipment. You can rent standard signs that can be erected to let drivers know that there is work going on in the area, or you can rent digital signs and add your own messages to those signs to keep drivers informed.

Crash Trucks

On a bigger scale, you may want to consider renting crash trucks so that you can help protect yourself and your crew while you are working. Crash trucks are designed to be parked so that they can serve as a "shield" between workers and drivers, and they are designed to withstand impact, just in case a driver does go off the road near where you and your crew are working. Renting crash trucks can actually help prevent deaths and serious injuries, making them well worth the rental cost for roadside work projects.